• Drop-off/Pick-up Reminders:

    ·        The loading zone on Marlinda Way is not for parking or extended stopping.  If traffic is moving, please load and unload quickly and safely.  If you need more time, please park on the street outside the loading zone.

     ·        To not park/stop in red zones to pick up or drop off.  Also, please use caution not to block our neighbor's driveways on Marlinda Way.

    ·        There is no double-parking on Marlinda Way while waiting for afternoon dismissal.  You may only stop in front of parked cars on Marlinda once dismissal begins and traffic is moving. Prior to that, you will be asked to drive on until dismissal begins and children are present.  Please honor the request of the adult on duty if you are asked to drive on. 

    ·        Do not leave your car parked or unattended on the lower parking lot curb during arrival and dismissal times. That curb is a loading zone.  Use designated parking spaces only.

    ·         The lower parking lot exit is “Right Turn Only” from 2:30-3:00 daily. This allows for a smooth second dismissal. 

    ·        Students should not be dropped off or picked up on Pepper Drive adjacent to the lower parking lot. This is a turn lane and not only is traffic disrupted, but it is unsafe for loading and unloading. Law enforcement will ticket and have asked that we report unsafe drivers.

    ·        Refrain from using your cell phone while driving unless it is hands-free.  It is imperative that drivers are not distracted with so many children’s safety at stake. It is also the law.