• Instructional Continuity Learning Plan

    While school is physically closed, we have a plan to continue learning remotely. We are prepared to phase in our educational program using a remote learning model. Our remote learning plan will commence Monday, April 13, and will continue until it is safe to return to school.

    Immediately after spring break, on April 13, Santee School District will launch a revised remote online learning system that will include more interaction with teachers, as well as additional support for parents. During this initial launch, teachers will begin working with their students remotely and they will also have the opportunity to engage in specialized training that they may need to provide instructional opportunities to students through a remote learning format.

    Your student's District iPad is a great tool for your student access the lessons available on the Instructional Continuity Learning Plan. However, if you do not have a District iPad, your student can still recieve lessons from their teacher. Any internet connected computer, tablet, or cell phone will work.