Ancient India Collaborative PowerPoints 2011
    Temple at Durga
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    Elephant Armies...How Cool is That?!Elephant Armies...How Cool is That?!Elephant Armies...How Cool is That?!Elephant Armies...How Cool is That?!


       The Rulers       





    The Caste System



    Area of Interest

    Student Team

    Hinduism: Brahman, The Deities, Karma, etc.

    (Begin with pp. 247-248 in text)


    Buddhism: The Buddah, Nirvana, The Four Noble Truths, The Eightfold Path, etc.

    (Begin with pp. 249-251 in text)


    The Rulers: Maurya, Asoka, Gupta; Their battles (elephant armies!), their governments, their rise and fall.

    (Begin with pp. 260-264 in text)


    Architecture: Architecture of the Vedic, Mauryan, Guptan, and Middle Ages with their stupas and temples, shikharas and mandapas, (Use links on our website)


    Clothing: For men, women, and children, materials used, how they are made and worn, how it changed over time, clothing worn by different members of society, ritual clothing and adornment (jewelry and henna tatoos)  (Use links on our website)


    Caste System  The untouchables, shudras, vaishyas, Kshatriya, and Brahmans, (Use links on our website)


    Math and Science: include the idea of zero, infinity, number symbols, algorithms, astromony, metallurgy, and medicine.(Begin with pp.266-267 in text)


    The Arts: The festivals, songs, dances, instruments, food, visual arts, etc.  (Begin with p. 266 in text and use links on our website)


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