• Outlook Web eMail Access

    Before logging in to the Outlook Web eMail, please read the instruction below:

    (you will need your username and password information)


    OWA Login 

    a.       Log in by typing your Username

    b.      Type in your Password

    c.       (If you are prompted for a Domain, type in Santee)

    d.      Click the OK button


    If you are required to change your password, you will see the “Internet Service Manager” screen

    OWA password
    Fill in the information to change your password
    [must be minimum 6 characters long and NOT the same as your old one]


    Account                                              Santee\{your username}

    Old password                                     {old password}

    New password                                   {new password}

    Confirm new password                      {new password}

    Changing Password
    To change your password...
    a. Log into Outlook Web eMail
    b. Select OPTION
    Domain-------------------------------  Santee
    Account------------------------------- {your username}
    Old Password------------------------ {old password}
    New Password-----------------------{new password}
    Confirm New Password------------{new password}

    If you need further assistance, please call the Technology Help Desk @ 619-258-2240

Last Modified on April 13, 2007