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       The English Learner Department provides ongoing instructional support to our English Learner students. We coordinate resources in order to support our English Learners and their families.


       Our goal is to help develop fluency in speaking, reading, and writing, to promote cross-cultural understanding and equal opportunity for academic achievement.


       New students, identified through the state-mandated home language survey, are assessed using the English Language Proficiency Assessment of California Test or ELPAC to determine placement programs:


    • Sheltered English Immersion
    • English Language Mainstream


       Parents/Guardians of English Learners are notified annually of their program placement and ELPAC tests results. Students are monitored and supported as they work toward their goal of Reclassification as Fluent English Proficient or RFEP.


       Teachers who work with English Learners continue to receive the training to help support the academic instruction of students. Parents are encouraged to become involved in their child’s classroom. If an interpreter is needed to help support conferences please call 619 258-2343 or 2356. We will be happy to help arrange for an interpreter.


       Parent involvement is encouraged through school site’s English Learner Advisory Committee or ELAC. There is also a District English Learner Advisory Committee or DELAC. Notices of these meetings are sent home with students and through phone messages on our Parent Link system.


       Home support is important as your child develops full academic competence in English.



    Bonner Montler


    Bonner Montler
    Director, Assessment & Learning Support
    (619) 258-2356
    Elvia Mariscal
    Program Assistant
    (619) 258-2343
Last Modified on March 9, 2020