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    Home Room Announcements:
    October Character Focus:  RESPECTING OTHERS
    “Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners.” 
    ― Laurence Sterne  
    Costume Dance 
    Thursday, October 26th during 5th and 6th period
    *May bring a costume to school to change into after lunch
    *School dress code applies and no clowns, masks, or weapons
    *Tickets are $3 - buy at lunch
    iPad Reminders:
    What do I do if my iPad freezes or something is
    not working?

                                 1. Swipe out of the app and try again.

                                 2.  Restart your iPad.

                                 3.  If none of the above work, THEN tell Mrs. Boulais

    *Charge your iPad every night
    *Keep iPad in your backpack while walking to and from school and walking between classes
    *No air dropping or emailing without teacher permission 
    Behavior Reminders:
    *Cell phones and headphones off and away in backpack before you enter campus
    *Hands/feet to yourself (no "play fighting")
    *Stay out of the planters
    *No running around
    *No hoods
    *Homeroom parent wanted!  Please have your parent email Mrs. Boulais if they are interested in helping out with our class booth for Fall Carnival!
    *Buy your Junior High yearbook!!!
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