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    Mrs. Schwartz

    • Name: Rosanne Schwartz
      Email Address: rosanne.schwartz@santeesd.net
      Phone Number:619-956-5444

      Kindergarten Hours: 8:30- 2:20
    • Library books need to be returned by Wednesday each week!
    • Please make sure all of the supplies are back in the Homework packet and return it to school by Wednesday so that it can go home with another family!
    • Don't forget to return your Cougar folder and work folder by Wednesday as well.
    • Students must be in line before the second bell rings at 8:30 to be considered at school "on time".  
    • Dismissal is at 2:20.  Students enrolled in Project Safe will be picked up by a Project Safe employee.  All other students will be walked to the front gate by the Kindergarten playground.  We supervise the children until they are picked up.  If you are more than 10 minutes late, children will be walked to the office to wait.





    • Regular school hours are 8:30 until 2:20.  The gates to the patio should open around 8:15 and at that time students may enter.  Kindergrten classes will be lining up on the primary playground blacktop (all the way down the sidewalk to the playground) Room K-1 lines up at the second paw print on the left as you face the playground.  Children are considered tardy after 8:30.  as that is the beginning of our instructional day.  If you choose to stay for opening, please say goodbye to your child before the bell rings and move to the parent waiting areas on the side and participate accordingly.  Give your child a wave as we exit, but please do not join our line or give your child an extra hug as it slows down the exiting of all the classes. 
    • Students who attend Project Safe will be picked up by an employee at the lunch area and all others will be walked by the teacher to the gate on the Kindergarten playground to be picked up.  We will be dismissing the children one at a time, so please give a wave as your child comes to the front of the line.  For the first month it will be helpful if you park and walk to the gate area until I get to know exactly who is picking up your child.  Later if you decide to wait in the car pick up line, just send me an email so I know to send your child down to the end of the sidewalk.  Children who are still waiting after ten minutes will be walked to the office so they may wait safely.
    • Folders come home on Friday.  Taking time to go through the work with your child gives him/her a chance to share what he/she has been doing in class and shows that you value their learning.  Please remove the work and return both folders (the Weekly Notices folder and the big work folder) before Friday so that it can be prepared for the following week.
    • Homework packets will also come home in the weekly folder.  Is not the intention that your child do every activity every week.  Inside are cards that can be used at differentiated levels.  Please choose the level and activities that you feel are most appropriate for your child.  There are also books to read and practice pages.  The practice pages are inside a plastic sleeve so they can be re-used each week.  Please keep the paper inside the plastic sleeve and have your child complete the work with a DRY ERASE marker.  Check their work and erase it before returning it to school or it is too difficult to erase the dry erase marker.  Please make sure that all of the supplies are inside the packet when it is returned.  If you find something at home, just return it and I will make sure it gets back in the correct packet.  The goal is to return the Homework Packet by Wednesday so students who forget have an extra day to remeber to bring it back.  It is SUPER important that Homework Packets are returned by Thursday at the latest.  If they are returned on Friday, I don't have enough time to check the materials and make sure it is ready to go home with another family on Friday.
    • Library books should also be returned on Wednesday so they can be checked in before our Libray day on Thursday.  Thanks!




Last Modified on August 16, 2018