• 3 categories:  Dress Out, Daily Participation, and Mile Run. 

    Dress Out will be worth 50% of your student’s grade.
    10 points = full dress
    5 points = ½ dress out (missing appropriate shoes, shorts, or shirt)
    0 points = non-suit

    Daily Participation will be worth 35% of your student’s grade.
    Up to 10 points/day for active, sportsmanlike participation for the duration of class

    Mile Run will be 15% of your student’s grade.
    10 points    Less than 9 minutes
    9 points     9:01-11:00
    8 points     11:01-13:00
    7 points     13:01-14:00
    5 points     14:01-15:00
    0 points     More than 15 minutes
    pe 1  
    Standard School Dress code applies at all times!
    **Unaccceptable dress for PE also includes:
    Jeans under shorts (Limits movement)
    Leggings under shorts are acceptable as long as they allow full movement.