Santee School District

Bonnie Jackson and Karla Ortiz 
recognized for Leadership in Biliteracy
 Biliteracy Award 2015
Language Arts Specialists, Bonnie Jackson and Karla Ortiz, were recognized this month at the 17th annual Leadership in Biliteracy Symposium. This event acknowledges individuals who have made significant contributions in promoting biliteracy for students.
At PRIDE Academy, Mrs. Bonnie Jackson works with students in grades K-8 and with English Language Learners throughout the grade levels to enhance reading, writing, and comprehension skills. Each year, Mrs. Jackson coordinates and runs PRIDE’s Read Across America event and Book Bingo night. Read Across America promotes the love of reading for students and Book Bingo is a families event in which every child brings home at least one free book! Mrs. Jackson is a great advocate for biliteracy at PRIDE Academy!

As the Language Arts Specialist at Sycamore Canyon, Mrs. Karla Ortiz takes on a multitude of roles. Supporting English Learner students has been a primary focus. She works collaboratively with administration, teachers, and parents in supporting students that are working toward English proficiency. Her expertise and guidance provides students with the tools they require to both access curriculum and excel in their development of language skills. Her compassion for the children she works with is evident by how they thrive in the classroom.