EL Letter Translations

Family Picture Communication Letters

Parents or guardians of English Learner students are notified of their child's program options and placement at the start of each school year through the Initial/Annual letter. Parent Waiver forms are available at each school site and are to be presented to the Principal.

California English Language Development Test scores are mailed home with a parent letter each January, after scores are received from CTB McGraw Hill.

Reclassification and Spring Celebration notices are mailed home in the spring.

Bonner Montler


Annual Parent Notification Letter English
Annual Parent Notification Spanish

Annual Parent Notification Letter Arabic

Initial Parent Notification Letter English

Initial Parent Notification Letter Spanish

Initial Parent Notification Letter Arabic

EL Parental Exception Waiver Form (English)
*EL Parental Exception Waiver Form (Spanish)
*EL Parental Exception Waiver Form (Arabic)

Parent Letter (Whooping Cough Vaccine) Spanish

Parent Letter (Whooping Cough Vaccine)

Parent Letter about H1N1 Flu-Arabic

Letter to Parents about H1N1 Flu-Spanish

Vacuna contra la Influenza H1N1