Questions to Ask Before Starting a Broadcast Program


1. What is the purpose of my class/school broadcast program?

2. Do I have the proper equipment (if not, how can I obtain it)?

3. Will this be a class or an after school program (if after school, how often will you need to meet)?

4. Where will you house your studio?

5. What is your format going to be?

6. How often will the broadcast air?

7. What segments are you going to include?

8. What is my timeline for each week?

9. How can teachers submit information about special projects they are doing in class?

10. What student-level positions will I need to make my program work?

11. How will I select the students for these positions?

12. What training will I need to provide for my students to work effectively in these positions?

13. What steps will I take to make sure that the student screen time is equitable?