General Education Transportation Information

Dear Parent or Guardian:

Welcome to the 2021-22 school year in Santee School District and welcome to the Transportation Department.

Attached you will find information on school bus rules, proper behavior at the bus stop, while on board the bus and while traveling to the bus stop, and the approved bus stop locations with morning bus departure times and approximate afternoon drop off times. This information is being provided to you in accordance with California Education Code. Even though your child may not ride the school bus to or from school, this information is also important should your child go on an activity trip with his/her class.

School bus transportation is the safest form of pupil transportation. Through the combined efforts of this department, the school staff, the students and parents, we will continue to make your child's transportation to and from school a safe and enjoyable ride.

To become a school bus driver in the State of California, one must receive extensive training in the laws and regulations regarding school pupil transportation, defensive driving techniques, emergency procedures, first aid, and many hours of behind-the-wheel instruction. In addition, the driver must receive training every year in matters pertaining to school pupil safety. California's school bus drivers are among the best-trained drivers in the country. Santee School District buses are fully compliant with CCR 1294.

In addition to the safety record of school buses and bus drivers, having your child ride the school bus is environmentally friendly as it reduces the number of cars on the road and economically sound, especially with the rising cost of fuel.

Even though the school bus driver is highly trained, students are responsible to demonstrate safe riding behavior. Students will be required to wear their seatbelt if the bus is so equipped (5 CCR 14105). Student misconduct can create an unsafe ride for all students on board the bus. Please review the enclosed information on school bus safety rules and behavior with your child/children. Proper behavior while traveling to and while at the bus stop is also expected.

The Santee School District Board has adopted procedures to help enforce the rules and ensure proper conduct on the bus and while at the bus stop. All students on board the bus are under the authority of and directly responsible to the bus driver. If a student fails to follow the rules, the driver will issue a bus referral to the student. The following system is used when referrals are issued:

1st referral:

A copy is sent home with the student to notify the parent that there has been unacceptable behavior. The original is mailed home with a letter of warning and a copy of the bus rules. This original must be signed by the parent and returned to the bus driver.

2nd referral:

A second referral will result in a denial of transportation privileges of 3 to 10 days. A copy is sent home with the student to notify the parent that there has been a second occurrence of unacceptable behavior. The original is mailed home with a letter explaining the dates and duration of the student's denial of transportation privileges. The original is to be signed by the parent and returned to the bus driver.

3rd referral:

A third referral will result in a denial of transportation privileges for the remainder of the school year. A copy is sent home with the student to once again notify the parent of unacceptable behavior. The original is mailed home with a letter explaining the beginning date of the student's denial of transportation privileges.

Denial of transportation privileges can occur at any time, depending upon the offense committed by the student.

Santee School District offers General Education transportation to eligible students living within the transportation zone established at each school. This service is offered only to the following schools: Chet F. Harritt, PRIDE Academy, Hill Creek and Pepper Drive. Schools not listed do not receive General Education Transportation. The information included in this packet, along with a Transportation Rider Information form, will be emailed to all eligible families with students residing in the transportation area for their home school.

Santee School District does not charge for transportation and this service will continue to be offered free of charge. However, each student will be required to have a valid Bus Pass in order to ride the bus. Initial Bus Passes will be issued free of charge. A $10.00 fee will be charged for replacement of a lost, stolen, or mutilated Pass. Please ensure you student understands the necessity of keeping their Bus Pass secure.

Bus Passes will be issued virtually for the 2021-22 school year. A completed Transportation Rider Request form is required in order to have a bus pass issued for your child. Please email the completed form to [email protected]. Bus Passes will remain valid for one school year only and your student will need a new bus pass each year.

Students are required to scan their Bus Pass in the bus each time they board the bus and depart the bus. Repeated failure to do so may result in revocation of bus riding privileges. The passes are child specific and cannot be transferred to any other student. Any student, who gives their bus pass to another student for use or tampers with the pass to alter identity or other information, may have their riding privileges revoked.

Bus stops are established based on density of ridership in a specific area. Upon application for the bus pass, the bus stop nearest your home residence will be assigned. However, General Education students may use any authorized bus stop within their transportation area, under specific circumstances, with prior approval from the Transportation Department. Students may not switch between bus stops and there will only be one authorized A.M. and P.M. bus stop per student.

We require students to be at the AM bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. If the bus arrives early, the driver will wait until the assigned time before departing.

In the afternoon, buses depart each school 7 minutes after the dismissal bell. Please have your student plan accordingly.

We look forward to having your child ride our buses and should you have any questions feel free to call the Transportation Department at (619) 258-2337.

Debbie Griffin

Director of Transportation