2024 Lighthouse Awards

San Diego County Equity Champions
Posted on 01/22/2024

Santee School District Expanded Learning Programs Director, Chrishaun Green, awarded Equity Champion Award

The San Diego County Office of Education recently celebrated San Diego County equity champions in the community and the classroom with the annual Lighthouse Awards at the 2024 Equity Conference. Chrishaun Green, Santee School District’s Expanded Learning Programs Director, received the Equity Champion award.

“I am honored to be recognized amongst the other Lighthouse awardees who are working tirelessly to create equitable outcomes for everyone in their communities,” said Ms. Green. “I am immensely proud to contribute to creating pathways of belonging for youth through equity, diversity, and inclusion, allowing every student to thrive authentically in their own light. Thank you to my Board of Education and district leadership for supporting Expanded Learning Programs as we continue to implement new enrichment and opportunities for students as we continue to evolve.”

The Equity Champion award is presented to a district administrator who encompasses the light necessary for people to come together and create multiple opportunities for all students and families in pursuit of equitable outcomes. You can read Mrs. Green’s nomination below for more information on the initiatives and programs that she has implemented within the district.

Nomination Submission:
As the Director of Expanded Learning Programs, Ms. Green oversees the district’s before/after school, preschool, and camp programs. She has restructured her department, transitioning it from a before/after school recess environment to an enrichment program that provides equitable opportunities and access district-wide. She has revamped the program’s curriculum to focus on reading comprehension, social-emotional learning/character building, and celebrating diversity.

Ms. Green implemented LitArt curriculum, increasing student literacy through teaching strategies, diverse collection of books, and SEL-embedded learning interactions. The curriculum encourages students to read, think, and feel during literacy activities with themes related to family, community, peace and heroes, and global adventures. The themes share stories and characters that represent diverse families and communities.

Ms. Green implemented Second Step curriculum to cultivate a restorative, student-centered classroom culture. This curriculum helps teach social-emotional skills like community building, understanding emotions, empathy and kindness, and growth mindset. She also introduced teachable traits from the book Thrivers, by Michael Borba: confidence, empathy, self-control, integrity, curiosity, perseverance, and optimism. Students are celebrated for displaying these traits to others through Character Award certificates.

In the preschool program, she implemented a new teaching curriculum that focused on the whole development of the child. The early learning curriculum teaches academics through reading, math, and literacy, along with a social-emotional component that teaches well-being, empathy, and diversity. Students are taught at an early age the importance of community, kindness, and friendship.

To highlight and honor the contributions of all cultures, Ms. Green started the Global Spotlight program, where each month students learn about a new culture through art, history, cooking, music, etc. She created partnerships with local organizations to expand enrichment opportunities for students, including Ballet Folklorico lessons, sports leagues, and musical instrument lessons through the San Diego Youth Symphony Opus program.

Ms. Green works with school administrators to support historically marginalized student populations. With an understanding of how students are performing/behaving during the school day, she develops programs that support students to be successful and engaged. Whether it is homework support, social-emotional skill building, or helping a student discover a new passion through enrichment activities, Ms. Green has built a program that inspires students to succeed.

Ms. Green supported the development of the Black Excellence Committee at PRIDE Academy. This parent committee strengthens resources, systems, and practices for Black, African American, and Pan-African students and families. She is forming another committee that supports all students of color through a multi-cultural celebration in spring 2024, allowing students to share what they learned from the Global Spotlight calendar with family, friends, and the community.

Ms. Green is also a founding member of the district’s first Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. Her experience developing DEI-related programs in this and other districts has been extremely valuable in building SSD’s first DEI Plan. Her guidance on this committee will shape DEI policies across the entire district.

Ms. Green is an Equity Champion in our district, and her efforts will guide significant change in our district and beyond.