Payroll Services


The Santee School District Payroll Department is serviced by the team of Sheila White, Bridget Claiborne and Christine Mendez. Together they provide services, support, and assistance to school sites and departments district-wide. This department processes the payroll for over 1,000 employees and substitutes each month.

The Payroll Services Department serves as the liaison and reporting agent for: Federal and State Taxes Payment/Reporting; SUI (State Unemployment Insurance) Payment/Reporting; Affidavits/Petition for Lost or Overage Payroll Warrants; Wage Garnishments (IRS Levy, Franchise Tax Board, Child Support); Direct Deposit Processing (ACH); Distribution of Payroll Warrants and W2s; and Abatements for Worker's Compensation.

Sheila White - Payroll Specialist

Business Hours: 8:00 am- 4:30 pm


Important Information:

PeopleSoft ESS Absence Management Trainings:

2021-22 W2 Distribution:

Due to COVID precautions, W2s will not be available for in-person pick up. All W2s will be distributed via US mail. W2s will also be available digitally on PeopleSoft by January 31, 2022.

Verification of Employment Requests

Please submit all Requests for Verification of Employment via email as fill-in forms to all three of our payroll contacts.

For your security do not include any social security numbers on your documents.

**Please note, we are unable to accept fax requests.        

PeopleSoft Password Resets

Log-in passwords automatically expire after 180 days. It is recommended that you set up your security message so you may request a password reset yourself using the "forgot my password" function. If you have not set up your security information and you need a password reset, please email Bridget Claiborne at [email protected] to have your password reset.

For clarification regarding how sick leave and personal necessity leave is displayed on paychecks, please select the link below:

     Payroll  Shortcuts