Benefits Package

Employees who work 20, or more, hours per week are entitled to medical, dental, vision, and life coverage. Please click the links on the left-hand side to learn about the different coverage options that we offer.

Already have medical coverage?

You may elect to waive medical coverage if you already have current coverage through a parent, spouse, or other employer. If you elect to waive coverage, you are entitled to a $90.00 tenthly* stipend.

Dental, vision, and life insurance are covered for the employee by the District's annual contribution and therefore cannot be waived by the employee.

Please click on the classifications below to view the tenthly benefits package premiums.


Tenthly District Contribution

Medical Waiver Stipend

Dependent Waiver Stipend




Remaining balance of District contribution




Up to $48.00

Classified 8 Hr.




Classified 6 Hr.




Classified 4 Hr.




*Benefit premiums and stipends are paid September through June, with no deductions or stipends occurring in July and August.