Amplify ELA

Getting Started with Amplify ELA


Teachers can access Clever through their district-issued laptop, as well as other Internet-connected devices. 


Teachers access Clever through a link on the Santee School District Webpage. To do this, they first go to, select “Student Resources,” and then click on “Clever Learning Portal.” From there, you use your login credentials to access the program.


STEP ONE: Once you are logged into Clever, select the Amplify app (the list of apps you see in your screen may not match those in the screenshot below). 

STEP TWO: View this short video to help you navigate Amplify ELA. 

STEP THREE: Beginning with the “Introduction” page, navigate to this set of Web resources. Pedagogy, Instruction, Assessments, Differentiation, and other support tutorials are all available through the left-hand navigation bar.