Google Meet

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Google Meet is a simple yet powerful video conferencing tool. This resource is designed to integrate with other Google tools, including Google Classroom.

Google Meet is already available on all teacher laptops. To get started, launch the Chrome browser and then log into your Google SSD account. You will then see the Google Meet option along with your other Google apps. For students to use Google Meet on their iPads, they must first download the Google Meet app from Mosyle.

If you are choosing to use Google Meet to conduct live interactions with your students, please watch the video series below (even if you have used Google Meet previously). They will walk you through the steps for setting up and running a Google Meet, and also provide step by step instructions for ensuring that students cannot start meetings on their own, or remain in a meeting after it has ended.

Lesson One: Basic Use and Features

Lesson Two: Basic Use and Features

Lesson Three: Integration With Google Classroom

If you run into trouble using this resource, feel free to contact: Dan Prouty ([email protected]) or the Curriculum Resource Teachers ([email protected]).