Peardeck is an add on resource teachers may use to make Google or PowerPoint Online slideshows interactive. Instead of simply watching a passive lecture students can use Peardeck's tools to respond through written response, multiple choice, numerical response, visual selection, or drawing. Teachers will see these responses in realtime through Peardeck's teacher dashboard. 

Peardeck 101- This Webinar explores Peardeck's basic features. 

Peardeck 201- More in depth look at the teacher dashboard, adding audio for asynchronous teaching, and information about student paced mode. 

Peardeck 301-Explore best practices from certified Pear Deck coaches. 

Peardeck Live Webinars- Peardeck trainers provide weekly live sessions on both basic uses and more advanced features. 

Peardeck Support- See this page for answers to teachers' most commonly asked questions re. Peardeck.