Board Appoints New Assistant Superintendent

Board of Education Appoints New Assistant Superintendent
Posted on 03/08/2023
The Santee School District Board of Education appointed David MacLeod as Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources/Pupil Services, effective July 1, 2023.

“Tim Larson is retiring as Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources/Pupil Services in August after nearly 10 years of service with the district. Mr. Larson created many automated systems for the recruitment and retention of talented staff as well as ongoing communication and documentation of employee performance. He has maintained a positive working relationship with both employee association groups during his tenure in the district and his presence in the district and on the Executive Cabinet team will be greatly missed,” said Dr. Kristin Baranski, Superintendent. “I am pleased to welcome Mr. MacLeod to our team. He joins two other Assistant Superintendents that were hired this year. I am excited to work with this brilliant team and look forward to the fresh and innovative ideas that they bring.”

Mr. MacLeod has been serving as Superintendent/Principal of Warner Unified School District in Warner Springs, California, since 2017. Prior to his tenure at Warner Unified School District, Mr. MacLeod served in Poway Unified School District as a Teacher, Teacher on Special Assignment, Assistant Principal, and Principal from 2006 to 2017. Mr. MacLeod completed multiple leadership trainings including the Association of California School Administrators Human Resources Academy; Chief Innovation Officer Certification (a cohort of the Education Innovation Alliance); the Superintendents Leadership Series; and is currently attending the National Institute of School Leadership.

“I am excited to accept the Assistant Superintendent position of Human Resources and Pupil Services for Santee School District, and I am committed to working with the district to ensure that all students and staff receive the support and resources they need to succeed,” said Mr. MacLeod. “I believe my experience has prepared me for the exciting work in Santee and I can’t wait to start.”