Digital Citizenship Lessons

Digital Citizenship Online Video Lessons 2021-2022

Directions: Teacher and student will watch the video lessons, then discuss using the Activity links.
Teacher will finally initial the Digital Citizenship Passport confirming lesson completion and return the passport to the Alternative office.
Additional lessons can be found below:

Gr. K Digital Citizenship Lesson


Lesson One: Media Balance is Important
Lesson Two: Pause for People
Lesson Three: Safety in My Online Neighborhood

Activity: K Activity: Media,Pause
Activity: K Activity: Safety Online

Gr. 1 Digital Citizenship Lessons

First Grade:

Lesson 1: Pause and Think Online
Lesson 2: How Technology Makes You Feel
Lesson 3: Internet Traffic Light

Activity: Gr. 1 Activity: Pause Safety
Activity: Gr. 1 Activity: Safety Online

Gr. 2 Digital Citizenship Lessons.

Second Grade:

Lesson One: We the Digital Citizens
Lesson Two: Who Is in Your Online Community?
Lesson Three: Putting a STOP to Online Meanness

Activity: Gr. 2 Activity: Digital Citizen
Activity: Gr. 2 Activity Safety Online

Gr. 3 Digital Citizenship Lesson

Third Grade:

Lesson One: Rings of Responsibility
Lesson Two: Our Digital Citizenship Pledge
Lesson Three: The Power of Words

Activity: Gr. 3 Activity: Balance
Activity: Gr. 3 Activity: Responsibility

Gr. 4 Digital Citizenship Lessons

Fourth Grade: Due September

Lesson One: My Media Choices
Lesson Two: Keeping Games Fun and Friendly
Lesson Three: Super Digital Citizen

Activity: Gr. 4 Activity: Balance
Activity: Gr. 4 Activity: Responsible

Gr. 5 Digital Citizenship Lessons

Fifth Grade: Due September

Lesson Two: Finding My Media Balance
Lesson Three: What Is Cyberbullying?
Lesson Four: Digital Friendships

Activity: Gr. 5 Activity: Balance
Activity: Gr. 5 Activity: Responsibility

Gr. 6 Digital Citizenship Lessons

Sixth Grade:
Tri. 1 Due September

Lesson One: Finding Balance in a Digital World
Lesson Two: Chatting Safely Online
Lesson Three: Digital Drama Unplugged
Activity: Gr. 6 Activity: Communicate

Tri. 2:
Lesson One: Don't Feed the Phish
Lesson Two: Who Are You Online?

Tri. 3:
Lesson One: Finding Credible News

Gr. 7 Digital Citizenship Lessons
Seventh Grade:
Tri. 1 Due September

Lesson One: 6-8 Orientation Video
Lesson Two: My Media Usage: A Personal Challenge
Lesson Three: My Social Media Life
Lesson Four: Upstanders and Allies: Taking Action Against Cyberbullying
Activity: Gr. 7 Activity: Communicate

Tri. 2:
Lesson One: Big, Big Data
Lesson Two: The Power of Digital Footprints

Tri. 3:
Lesson One: The Four Factors of Fair Use

Gr. 8 Digital Citizenship Lessons

Eighth Grade:
Tri. 1: Due Sept

Lesson One: 6-8 Orientation Video
Lesson Two: Digital Media and Your BrainLesson Three: Being Aware of What You Share
Lesson Four: Social Media and Digital Footprints: Our Responsibilities
Activity: Gr. 8 Activity: Communicate

Tri. 2:
Lesson One: Responding to Online Hate Speech
Lesson Two: Family Activity Cyberbullying, Hate Speech

Tri. 3:
Lesson One: This Just In!
Lesson Two: Family Activity: News