DreamBox Math Online

User Names & Passwords have been distributed in September.

Welcome to:
DreamBox Math Online Program

We are very excited to continue implementing into our curriculum at our Santee School District, DreamBox. It is a Common Core Standards aligned online math program. Scroll below for details:

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DreamBox Class News!
Our school is ready to be a part of DreamBox!
Click the link to begin:
use your iPad and type, yegx/alternatives for your school code.

The requirement for DreamBox online is as follows:
Plan on working in DreamBox minimally 3 times each week for at least 30 minutes each time. If you need more time to complete 2 lessons then you may work more days or time.
*New students to DreamBox will first take a placement test/Pre-Unit Assessment.

  1. *Gr. K-2 Choose a Star Pre-Test Flashing Yellow Icon, then an orange Tutorial Icon, then complete 2 yellow lessons Icons successfully each week.

  2. *Gr. 3-8 Choose a Unit, "Watch", "Practice", and "Open" a lesson, then complete 2 yellow lessons Icons successfully each week. (Choose "Gold Coin Icons" as DreamBox recommends these lessons for you!) Your goal is to see "exemplary" on your completed Unit. There are many lessons in each Unit.

  • Friday is Arcade Day (K-2), Collections Day (gr. 3-8) in DreamBox. Use your coins to have fun!

  • Summary:
    1. Gr. K-2 Choose Flashing Yellow Icons, Gr. 3-8 Choose a Unit with a Gold Coin
    2. Complete every lesson you begin. Minimally 2 lessons each week.
    3. It's ok to make mistakes. DreamBox will help you learn. *Students are not allowed to have help from adults or other students. This is important!
    4. Parents/Teachers will monitor student progress and time by logging into DreamBox as parents for reports. Mrs. Noujaim will also document time and progress at the check-in conferences.

Have fun learning math with DreamBox!