Transportation Safety Plan

Bus pass issuance is done virtually. Bus passes will remain valid for one school year only and your student will need a new pass each year.

Below you will find information on school bus rules, proper behavior at the bus stop, while on board the bus and while traveling to the bus stop, and the approved bus stop locations with morning bus departure times and approximate afternoon drop off times. This information is being provided to you in accordance with California Educational Code. Even though your child may not ride the school bus to or from school, this information is also important should your child go on an activity trip with his/her class.

School bus transportation is the safest form of pupil transportation. Through the combined efforts of this department, the school staff, the students and parents, we will continue to make your child's transportation to and from school a safe and an enjoyable ride.

Bus Rules and Regulations

To make our transportation system as safe as possible, it is mandatory for all students to comply with the following rules and regulations that were established by the Santee School District Board according to State regulations. The parent or guardian will be held responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of any damaged district property, plus any reward offered for information leading to the identification of the student or person that caused the damage.

Please discuss the following basic rules concerning school bus behavior with your child so that they may cooperate in providing a safe ride for all.