Foundation Innovative Grants

Santee School District Foundation Innovative Grants
Posted on 01/19/2023

The Santee School District Foundation, formed in 2002, supports literacy, arts, technology, and school site grants through fundraising and donations. This year, the Foundation announced that it would be providing $25,000 toward innovative projects that enrich the educational experiences of Santee School District students. Grants were reviewed and selected based on a competitive process. Below is a list of programs that are possible thanks to the Foundation’s grant program.

Hill Creek

  • Full STEAM Ahead - Full STEAM Ahead will engage 5th grade students through hands-on investigation of STEAM concepts while contributing to literacy, math, and social-emotional development using LEGO Education SPIKE.
  • Capoeira-Martial Art and Music - equipment and instruments for Capoeira and Maculele Folkloric Dance middle school elective class.

Pepper Drive

  • Monarch Watch: Real Work Connections in Learning - Creating monarch friendly habitats throughout campus.
  • Class Kit of Mini Sphero Robots with Accessory Kits - 16 Sphero Mini app-enabled robotic balls, bumper covers, mini traffic cones, bowling pins, construction sets, and activity cards that help expand playtime and imagination in STEAM learning for K-2nd grade students. These will be used weekly for IRT groups, classroom visits and SEL support.

PRIDE Academy

  • TouchMath Intervention - TouchMath is a multisensory approach to teaching mathematics to struggling students. This program will be used for Kindergarten to 8th grade students during RSP, IRT, and ELO interventions.
  • After School Tennis Club - this program would provide all the equipment needed to execute a beginner/intermediate tennis program for 1st - 6th graders (approx. 30 students every 8-10 weeks). This equipment will also serve over 200 students through P.E. rotations.

Rio Seco

  • Rigamajig STEAM Explorations - Rigamajigs are large-scale, wooden and plastic loose parts building kits that inspire STEM/STEAM learning and problem-solving skills through open-ended, collaborative play. Rigamajigs will be used daily in a Special Day Class, by 12-15 students depending on the class size, and could also be shared with the grade 2-3 SDC class on a rotating basis, so that would bring total students served to around 30.

Santee Success Program

  • Outdoor Classroom and Garden - This outdoor learning center will allow Santee Success to take the classroom outdoors. The outdoor learning center allows access for life and coping skills, working together, and has shown to promote collaboration and team building which results in a positive school climate.

Sycamore Canyon

  • Using Technology to Enhance Communication in Preschoolers with Special Needs - The proposed innovative project is for students with special needs in a specialized academic preschool program. The project is utilizing a technology device such as an iPad along with the Augmentative and Assistive Communication app which will enhance and promote independence, communication, access to the curriculum and developmental goals for students with special needs in the preschool special day class. The number of preschool students that would benefit from this project is approximately 30 students combined in a total of two classrooms. The class size of each classroom will be increased as the school year progresses.