21st Century Problem Solving Tools and Habits

Probem Solving Skills
1. Be Proactive: Make responsible choices with a purpose.
2. Begin with the end in mind: Be clear about your direction, and create a plan.
3. Put first things first: Organize your plan, step by step.
4. Think win/win: Make yourself a winner and everything and everyone a winner too!
5. Communicate! First, work to understand others. Then, work to be understood.
6. Creatively Cooperate: Work together as a team using ideas to find problem solving solutions to success!
7. Commit! Make a promise to yourself and to others to follow through and complete all tasks and responsibilities to prepare for future learning and plans!

1. Learn: On-going learning is the key to our commitment as successful educators. We support each other with our talents and ideas and learn together.
2. Teach: Using the 7 Balloon thinking habits allows us to guide students to problem solving skills to be prepared for life.
3. Lead: We are the role models for the students and realize our responsibilities to our students, our community, and our families. Our words and our actions are carefully and skillfully planned with purpose.