SSD Proud Moment Nov. 15, 2022

SSD Proud Moment Nov. 15, 2022
Posted on 11/17/2022

Proud Moments at Carlton Oaks

By Dr. Nona Richard, Principal

We have had many proud moments in the past month at Carlton Oaks!

During the week of October 24-28, we celebrated Red Ribbon Week. We had an assembly with the Police and Fire departments; six different dress up days; and took a pledge to make healthy choices and Say No to Drugs!

During the first week of November, our 8th graders performed A Pirate Carol for our school and families.

On Saturday, November 5, we hosted our Fall Festival for the first time since 2019. It was a blast!

We also have been loving our Arts Attack Program, which reopened at the beginning of October. So many parents are volunteering to make this possible.

There is a lot to be proud about at Carlton Oaks.