2023-24 Innovative Grant Program

2023 - 2024 Innovative Grant Program

All grants are awarded to Santee School District employees to serve Santee School District students and schools. Grants will be awarded based on scoring rubric criteria. They must support the educational and curriculum vision of the Santee School District.

Grants will be offered in any amount between $250 and $1,500. Grant proposals are to be submitted by 4:30 pm on November 3, 2023 via e-mail to: [email protected].

Download the Application Form here.  A copy of the below guidelines can be downloaded here. Proposals received after the deadline will not be considered.

Criteria for ALL Innovative Grant Proposals:

  • Supports educational programs of the District: common core standards implementation, educational enrichment opportunities, college or career skills, socioemotional learning, special education goals, the District’s student profile
  • Must reflect 21st century critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills
  • Must have specific, measurable learning outcomes
  • Addresses real life skills and creative solutions to problems
  • Is sustainable over time
  • Allows for collaboration and hands-on interaction of students
  • Will NOT supplant district curriculum or the purchase of materials that could be funded through site or district funds
  • Must be for site-based programs that are innovative to that school or program; may be for schoolwide programs, grade level(s) programs, classroom(s) teachers, and specialized academic programs
  • Grant funds may not be used for employment wages
  • Projects that involve the purchase of technology equipment or software programs must be approved by the Director of Technology 

Selection Process:

  • A sub-committee of the Foundation Board will screen ALL grant applications using a rubric. They will select those to be submitted to the final level for presentation.
  • Finalists will be requested to provide a 3 - 5 minute in-presentation and/or video presentation of their grant proposals to the Foundation Board as follows:
    • In-person presentations will be held on December 4 at 5:00 pm, ERC
    • Video presentations are due Thursday, November 30, by 4:30 pm, via email to [email protected]. Video can be a simple explanation recorded on a phone. This will allow the Foundation Board time to review and ask questions, if any, before the committee meets in December to award the grants.
  • The Foundation Board will make the final selections. Not all grants can be funded.

Questions? Please e-mail Hee-Jin Peterson, Foundation President: [email protected].