SSD Proud Moment Sep. 20, 2022

SSD Proud Moment Sep. 20, 2022
Posted on 09/21/2022

Alternative School and Santee Success Program

Creating a Culture of Community for Students, Parents, and Staff

Last year, Alternative School and Santee Success Program (SSP) began collaborating to build a strong community in the Cajon Park Annex to strengthen academic and social emotional supports for students and staff. Prior to the 2021-2022 school year, both programs worked in isolation, without the structure to effectively collaborate. Since then, the Annex facility has undergone a revisioning and make-over to create a welcoming environment for both staff and students.

There are 18 students in the Alternative School and five students in SSP. The staff of both programs and administrators meet regularly together to discuss student progress, engage in professional learning and develop ways to connect with families and build community. A great example of a community building event was the school-wide book fair held earlier this year. Thanks to a generous donation from Fedex, students in both programs were able to select multiple books. Each child also received a swag-bag, containing various items, such as a water bottle, blanket, umbrella and writing supplies.

Staff also seeks out unique partnerships to further build community amongst the students. Students really enjoy riding horses at Home Base Ranch and working in the community garden at the Annex.

I am really proud of our Alternative School and SSP staff’s commitment to creating a culture of community at the Annex.