Hill Creek Celebrates 50 Years

Hill Creek School’s 50th Anniversary
Posted on 05/18/2023

The Santee School District is celebrating Hill Creek School’s 50th year of operation, which houses over 650 TK through 8th grade students. Hill Creek school was the last of ten schools constructed in the district’s 130 year history, and was given its name via a community competition won by then first grader, James Jennings, in 1973.

“The Santee School District is rooted in the rich history of this community, and it is truly remarkable to take a look back in time to discover and admire where our schools started and where they are now,” said Superintendent, Dr. Kristin Baranski. “Hill Creek’s 50th anniversary is not only a celebration for our current staff, students, and families, but all those who came before that made it into the amazing educational and community hub that it is today.”

The Hill Creek School community will be celebrating the anniversary with a Lunch on the Lawn celebration, featuring past year book displays, a student art show, performances, and pieces of the school’s 50 year history on display.

“In preparing for this celebration I have gotten to learn so much about the school’s history through stories of former staff and students that have come forward,” said Principal Chasity Forster. “Throughout the years Hill Creek has built and maintained very tight family connections. We have generational pride where so many of our parents were also students here, and I am excited to celebrate the evolution of the school and the bright future it holds with our whole community.”

Hill Creek’s motto is We can do hard things, creating a culture of perseverance and self-motivation amongst students and staff. The school’s leadership has several programs they are very proud of, including:

  • The school’s garden. Every class has a garden bed that they maintain, plant, and enjoy.
  • The Community Closet, which is supplied by staff members, for families that need anything from shoes to jackets.
  • Long tradition of bringing in the highest amount of donations for the annual Santee Santa’s fundraiser.
  • Several grants won that have allowed students to explore various cultures through music, language, and art.

To learn more about Hill Creek School, visit hc.santeesd.net.