June 7, 2022 Board Meeting Highlights

Santee School District Board of Education Meeting Highlights
Posted on 06/10/2022

June 7, 2022 Regular Meeting

The Santee School District Board of Education met at 6 p.m. Tuesday, June 7. Meeting highlights included:

Reports and Presentations

  • Vice President Dianne El-Hajj shared a Santee School District Proud Moment from Principal Tylene Hicks, highlighting her proudest moments of the 2021-22 school year at Sycamore Canyon. Read the full blog here.
  • The Board of Education honored Mrs. Cathy Abel for her years of service to Santee School District employees and students. Mrs. Abel served on the Board from November 1992 to November 2004, and will be retiring from the District after serving 18 years as the Child Nutrition Services Director.
  • The Board recognized the Santee Kiwanis Club for their outstanding contribution to Santee School District students in sponsoring and orchestrating the annual Junior Olympics event. The Santee Kiwanis Club has provided the Junior Olympics event for our students for over 35 years. Each year, on a Saturday, one of the local high schools is inundated with students from Santee School District who have worked diligently with their classroom teachers to compete in a variety of track and field events. The Junior Olympics is open to all students in grades 4 through 8. The City of Santee provided a video recap here.
  • The Board thanked Home Base Ranch for their partnership with the Santee Success Program (SSP). Home Base Ranch is a 4-acre facility nestled in the hills of Lakeside, that is dedicated to helping youth of all genders overcome challenges, discover their strengths and to live happy, meaningful, and purposeful lives. Over the past six years, SSP has had the opportunity to attend Home Base Ranch once a week. In addition to this support, Home Base Ranch has also provided equine therapy to Santee School District students with special needs.

Public Hearings

  • The Board held a public hearing to review the District’s proposed Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and solicited the recommendations and comments of members of the public regarding the specific actions and expenditures proposed to be included in the second year of the three-year LCAP. The proposed LCAP is available for public inspection on the District’s website at santeesd.net/LCAP2223. The Board will consider the LCAP for approval at the June 21, 2022 regular Board of Education meeting.
  • The Board held a public hearing to review the Adopted Budget. The budget document is available for public review at the Charles E. Skidmore Administration Center (9625 Cuyamaca Street, Santee, CA 92071) and online here.

Discussion and Action Items

  • The Board approved the appointment of Dr. Nona Richard as a principal in the Santee School District, serving at Carlton Oaks School. Dr. Richard is an experienced elementary school principal, serving San Diego Unified in this capacity since 2016. In addition to her site administrative work, she received her Ph.D. in May 2021 from Claremont Graduate University and San Diego State University and was an elementary school teacher for 10 years.
  • The Board approved the appointment of Mr. Nathan Horner as a vice principal in the Santee School District, serving at Pepper Drive School. Mr. Horner is an experienced vice principal, having served the Sweetwater Union School District in this capacity since 2018. In addition to his site administrative experience in Sweetwater Union, Mr. Horner taught high school English for six years and served as an intervention specialist.

Pictures from this meeting can be viewed here. 

The next meeting of the Santee School District Board of Education will be at 6 p.m. Tuesday, June 21, 2022, in the Educational Resource Center, 9619 Cuyamaca Street, Santee.

Note: These are not official meeting minutes of the Board of Education but rather a brief recap of the Board’s actions. For official meeting minutes and a complete list of actions taken, visit bit.ly/3gejSgf.