Reclassification Criteria

Students who have progressed to fluency in English can be reclassified as Fluent English Proficient (RFEP). The State of California has established four criteria that must be met in order to reclassify a student as fluent.

1. Assessment of English Language Proficiency

The student must have a score of 4 on the most recently taken Summative ELPAC (or a score of 3 on the most recently taken Summative Alternate ELPAC).

2. Teacher Evaluations

The student's teacher will report to what degree the student is able to exhibit language skills and comprehension with or without linguistic supports.

3. Parent Consultation

The student's parent(s) or guardian(s) are consulted for their opinion regarding the student's fluency and reclassification.

4. Basic Skills Relative to English Proficient Students

The student must demonstrate that they are sufficiently proficient in English that they can participate effectively in classwork at a comparable level to that of native English speakers of the same age. In Santee, students have a variety of ways they can demonstrate that proficiency, including

  • Meeting or exceeding standards on CAASPP ELA assessment;
  • Meeting or exceeding standards on the district's Writing Performance Task;
  • Meeting or exceeding expectations in the Benchmark Assessment System; or
  • Scoring at or above grade level on the iReady reading diagnostic.

For more information on the requirements for reclassification, please see the CDE website.