Response to Tragedy in Uvalde, Texas

Response to Tragedy in Uvalde, Texas
Posted on 05/25/2022

Dear Santee School District Parents and Guardians,

Yesterday’s horrific act of violence at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, that killed 19 students and two teachers, has been felt nationwide and our hearts are with the individuals, families and their community.

Providing a safe and secure learning environment for students and staff continues to be our utmost priority. In collaboration with local law enforcement, each of our schools regularly reviews its safety plan and lockdown procedures. School and district administration are also trained in threat assessment procedures and would immediately notify our local Sheriff Department in the event of any substantiated threat to students or staff.

There are many resources available to help us support one another and our students to process this event.

Help Is Available
Adults need to be able to acknowledge and address their own emotional responses in order to best support young people. The American Psychological Association has tips for managing distress following a mass shooting including:

  • Reaching out for support from other adults (friend or professional)
  • Honoring your feelings and taking time for yourself, especially if you’re experiencing personal loss or grief
  • Limiting your amount of media coverage of these events
  • Find ways to help in your community

The San Diego County Office of Education created a webpage with resources for educators and parents to talk with young people about school shootings as well as information on school safety efforts.

The District also has a Community Counseling and Mental Health Resources webpage with connections to local partners who can assist in the healing process.

During this time, please take a moment to acknowledge your own emotional response to this tragedy, reach out to a colleague or fellow parent, and talk to your student about their mental health and the importance of school safety.


Santee School District