Dreambox Parent Resources:

Using the Dreambox Parent Portal

1. What is the difference between the green and gray checkmarks after my student completes a lesson?

From Dreambox:

A grey checkmark indicates that the lesson was completed without Demonstrated Understanding. The student may be presented with the lesson again or a lesson that better meets their learning needs. They may also receive lower-level lessons to fill in any gaps in their comprehension. In the Activity Feed, for Teachers or Parents, on the lesson card (beneath the checkmark) is the number of times a student has played the same lesson.

2. Can my student see and monitor their standards progress on the iPad?

From Dreambox:

There currently isn't a way for students to monitor their standards progress in the student environment, but they can through the parent dashboard at home with their parents. Are parents aware they have a dashboard at home to view their student's progress? Here is the article on parents getting set up at home. They would need the unique DreamBox Internet Address for their child's school.

Students can also track their lesson completion each week in the student environment. Here is the article on how students view their weekly lessons in the student environment.