Routines to Synthesize and Organize Ideas

These routines take students beyond the initial exploration of a topic and are often useful for helping make sense of new information that students have read, discussed, or viewed during a unit of study.

CSI: Color, Symbol, Image

Identifying and distilling the essence of an idea non-verbally
CSI Example - Hunger Games
CSI Primary Graphic Organizer
CSI Half Sheet Graphic Organizer

Connect-Extend-Challenge Connecting new ideas to prior knowledge
Generate-Sort-Connect-Elaborate Organizing understanding of a topic through concept mapping

Capturing the core or heart of the matter being discussed
Headlines Resource
Headlines Graphic Organizer
Headlines Graphic Organizer with Lines

Here Now/There Then Considering attitudes and judgements
I Used to Think..., Now I Think

Reflecting on how and why thinking has changed
Used to Think...Resource
Used to Think Graphic Organizer with Boxes
Used to Think Primary Graphic Organizer

The 4 Cs

Encouraging text-based discussions with connections, challenges,
concepts, and changes to thinking
4Cs Resource