Curriculum Materials

Santee School District Adopted Materials


 Subject                                                                                                      Resources  Specifics

English Language Arts TK
Mathematics TK

PreK on My Way             
  • Teaching Guides
  • Support Cards
  • Read Aloud Books
  • Big Books/Big Charts
  • Student Response Prompts
  • Alphabet Books
  • Learning Center Manipulatives

Adopted 2022

English Language Arts K-5

Reading Wonders, McGraw-Hill

  • Teacher Guides

  • Student Texts

    -Reading/Writing Workshop Text

    -Literature Anthology Text

  • Student Print Practice Books

    -Close Reading Companion

    -Your Turn Practice Book

  • ELD: Student My Language Book 

  • All content available through digital platform on the iPad

Adopted 2017

English Language Arts 6-8

Amplify ELA, Amplify Learning

  • Digital Teacher Guides

  • Digital Student Edition

  • ELD: Digital Support Content

  • Offline Print Resources

    - Anthology

             - Unplugged Lessons

            - Solo Workbook

Adopted: 2017

Math K-5

Math Expressions, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

  • Teacher Guides 

  • Student Manipulative Resources

  • Student Texts:

    -Homework and Remembering Practice Book

    -Student Activity Practice Books

  • Think Central Digital Learning Platform for teachers and students

Adopted: 2016

Math 6-8

CPM Core Connections, CPM

  • Teacher Guides

  • Student Texts:
    -Student Notebook

Adopted: 2014

Science K-5

Amplify Science

  • Student Digital Experience

  • Student Investigation Notebook

  • Teacher Licenses

Adopted: 2023

Science 6-8

Open Sci Ed

  • Teacher Guides

  • Student Digital Access

Adopted: 2022

History-Social Science K-5

Savvas (Formerly Pearson Realize) 
  • Teacher Guides

  • Student Text:

    -My World Interactive Work Text

  • Digital App

Adopted: 2019

History-Social Science 6-8

Savvas (Formerly Pearson Realize)

  • Teacher Guides

  • Student Text:

    My World Interactive Textbook
    - My World Interactive Active Journal

  • Digital App

Adopted: 2019

Physical Fitness


  • Online Teacher Guides

Adopted 2015


Healthy Eating Made Easier, National Dairy Council

  • Online Teacher Guides

  • Student Workbooks

Adopted: 2017

Positive Prevention Meets the CA Healthy Youth Act (CYHA) passed in 2016
  • 8th Grade Program