Campus Security Measures

Campus Security Measures
Posted on 06/02/2022

Dear Santee School District Families,

We want to assure you that providing a safe and secure learning environment for students and staff is a top priority of the Santee School District Board and administration. As this school year comes to an end and we prepare for next year, we want to share some of the security measures currently implemented on campuses and the new technologies we are exploring to enhance campus security.

Facilities and Operations
Each of our nine school sites are surrounded by a 6-foot fence with controlled entry/exit points. During school hours all access points are to be staffed while open, or otherwise locked. Other safety measures include:

  • A single point of entry for visitors, who must register at the front office to receive proper identification to be on campus.
  • During an emergency or drill, messages are shared via a campus-wide speaker system to inform all staff and students in a timely manner.
  • Each campus has a direct radio connection to local law enforcement and regional partners in the event cell service is down.

Partnership with Local Law Enforcement
Each school has a safety plan that is reviewed and approved by local law enforcement and revisited each year for possible revision. In the event of an emergency, law enforcement is immediately notified and works directly with campus and District staff to manage the event.

Lockdown and mock safety drills are conducted regularly for each campus. Ongoing evaluation of these processes with law enforcement helps us continually refine and improve our safety protocols.

On Campus Programs
Campus supervision is provided by administrators and staff members. Identified problem areas receive increased supervision to reduce discipline, crime or other school safety concerns. Staff members are encouraged to inquire when unfamiliar faces are seen on campus, and are trained to actively monitor student behaviors.

We encourage staff, students, parents and community members to assist in early identification of concerning behaviors or threats related to our schools. Mental health support and resources are available on each campus for students and families.

New Technology in 2022-23
Administration has been researching integrated security systems for all school sites. The goal of these technologies is to improve campus security and safety.

Benefits of these systems include:

  • Enhanced campus visibility
  • Video recording and data storage
  • Controlled door access to classrooms, offices, and meeting areas
  • Administration is currently finalizing bid specifications, which will be reviewed by the Board of Education prior to campus implementation. 

We will continue to be vigilant about campus security and invite you to assist us, but as a school community we all need to be part of the solutions. Parents, please speak with your children about their role in school safety. Let your child know that if they notice any suspicious or threatening behavior, they should report it to an authority figure immediately. It will be quickly investigated, and, if appropriate, reported to law enforcement.

Together, we can keep our students and staff safe in campus.