SSD Proud Moment - Chet F. Harritt

SSD Proud Moment - Chet F. Harritt
Posted on 02/17/2022
Chet F Harritt student outdoor assembly

The Importance of Fun and Friends in the Learning Process

By Ted Hooks, Principal at Chet F. Harritt STEAM School

Chet F. Harritt STEAM School is proud to be returning to assemblies and events on campus that reinforcing learning, teamwork, and interpersonal social skills.

Last month, we had our first school assemblies on campus since March of 2020. Our children in EAK through grade 5 came out to see the California Dairy Council Mobile Classroom to learn about dairy cows, how dairies work, and healthy choices. Meeting a live cow named Winter allowed them to connect learning to the real world. Since these was our first schoolwide assemblies, there were many new memories made. Children even wrote letters to Mr. Miller, the host, and Winter, herself.

Our Middle Schoolers in grades 6-8 have been engaged in outdoor spirit events this year. Each homeroom has a team color and team name. When they gather, they engage in friendly competitions between homerooms. We are happy to see their sportsmanship and determination during these events. These are the skills that directly translate to the classroom and help build stronger bonds.

We are so proud that we can safely come together in these ways. It reminds us of the importance of fun and friends in the learning process.