Campus Security

Providing a safe and secure learning environment for students and staff is a top priority of the Santee School District Board and administration. We will continue to be vigilant about campus security and invite you to assist us - as a school community we all need to be part of the solutions. Parents, please speak with your children about their role in school safety. Let your child know that if they notice any suspicious or threatening behavior, they should report it to an authority figure immediately. It will be quickly investigated, and, if appropriate, reported to law enforcement.

Together, we can keep our students and staff safe on campus.


Emergency Protocols for Families 

In partnership with local emergency service providers, Santee School District has created emergency operation plans to ensure the safety and security of our schools. During an emergency, the district will communicate with families as quickly and frequently as possible. Please review the protocols below or download the Emergency Protocols flyer.


Campus Security Measures


Integrated Security System

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance campus security, the District regularly evaluates new and innovative technologies. An integrated security system is installed at all school sites and the District offices. This system includes security cameras placed strategically throughout campuses, industry-leading monitoring software, and a cloud-based video archiving system.

Frequently Asked Questions