SSD Proud Moment – Hill Creek School

SSD Proud Moment – Hill Creek School
Posted on 03/02/2022

Music, Arts and Gardening for our Bulldogs

Hill Creek is proud to share some musical, arts and garden learning that our Bulldogs are experiencing.

Mrs. Maloy’s class received a grant from the Santee Foundation to purchase recorders, that the students have learned to play.

Mrs. Uribe offers a Spanish elective where students are not only learning to speak Spanish but are also immersing themselves in the culture. Within this elective, students participate in “maculele” which is a Brazilian folk dance. Hill Creek middle school students practice this dance every Friday. Some of our 6th grade students even performed this dance during their 6th grade camp talent show. 

Our outdoor learning garden is blooming. Each class maintains and cultivates a garden bed. We are proud to share the amazing work our future horticulturists have done. Classes enjoyed making salads and snacks from our garden.