Alternative School/Long Term Independent Study

Welcome All Alternative School / Long Term Independent Study Families!  

 * We are ready for rigorous, creative learning for this 2022-23  academic year!  We are Santee Alternative School / Long Term Independent Study program where limitless learning possibilities are available to excel academically for students and families with compassion and support of educators!

*The official first day of school will be Wednesday, August 24th, 2022. Our fall/spring  school hours are 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

2022-2023 New Interested Family Information: (*Note: Please check in soon with the updated changes that will be occurring that may be different from the past.)

Program Description:

Alternative School Long Term Contract for Independent Study is for the pupil who enrolls in independent study to accommodate family needs while dealing with the current pandemic, illnesses that require learning at home, or other situations requiring the pupil to be away from school.

Independent study is available to pupils in grades K – 8. Pupil with exceptional needs may participate only if the Individualized Educational Program (IEP) specifically provides for participation.

Long Term Independent Study Master Agreement

Reengagement Plan

  • School Responsibilities:
    • The major objective for the duration of this agreement is to enable the student to keep current with at grade level studies for the period covered by this agreement
    • According to District policy for Independent Study in grades K-8, no more than 2 weeks or 10 school days may elapse between when an assignment is made by the teacher and the date it is due, unless an exception is made in accordance with District policy.
    • The Santee School District will provide the teacher services, materials and other necessary items and resources as specified for each assignment. This includes providing access to necessary connectivity and devices adequate to participate in the educational program and complete assigned work.
    • The student will complete, during the term of this agreement, the course work listed below. All course work will be consistent with the Santee School District adopted curriculum. The Independent Study Assignment Contract document has the course descriptions, objectives, study methods, evaluation methods and resources covered by this agreement.


  • Student responsibilities:
    • I understand that Independent Study is a form of education that I have voluntarily chosen and I will always have a classroom option available
    • I understand that I am entitled to textbooks and supplies, supervision by a certificated teacher, and all the services and resources received by other children enrolled in my grade. This includes the necessary connectivity and devices to participate in the educational program and complete assigned work.
    • I agree to being  supervised by and meet regularly with the assigned Independent Study teacher, in accordance with the frequency, date time and location specified in the Independent Study Assignment Contract document.
    • I agree to completing my assigned work by its due date, as explained by my teacher and described in my written assignments.

  • Parent/Guardian/Caregiver Responsibilities:  I understand that the major objective of Independent Study is to provide a voluntary educational alternative for my student. I agree to the conditions listed under “Student”. I understand that:
    • Learning objectives are consistent with and evaluated in the same manner that they would be if he or she were enrolled in a traditional school program.
    • I am responsible for supervising my student while he or she is completing the assigned work and for ensuring the submission of all completed assignments necessary for evaluation.
    • I am liable for the cost of replacement or repair for willfully damaged books and other school property checked out to my student.
    • It is my responsibility to provide any needed transportation for my student’s scheduled meetings and any other travel covered by the Long Term Independent Contract agreement.

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