Suitable Font and Font Size

Use of Suitable Font and Adequate Font Size

Font Readability

Best practice is to use the most readable fonts. It is generally best to use standard fonts that are available on most end user devices. Do not use multiple fonts on the same webpage. Use of multiple fonts can create a confusing visual layout making it difficult for users with reading disorders, learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders.

Fonts designed especially for on-screen viewing

Fonts like Verdana, Tahoma, Trebuchet MS and Georgia were specifically developed for use in electronic media and most commonly used in website development.

Trebuchet MS

Adequate Font Size

There is generally no specific Font Size requirement. The default font size must be large enough to be readable by the majority of users. Although various systems use different font sizing, the critical requirement is the size of the text as rendered on-screen. Generally the minimum font size should be 12 points

Sample of Font Sizes:

This sentence is in 14 Point Font

This sentence is in 12 Point Font

This sentence is in 10 Point Font

This sentence is in 8 Point Font