SSD Proud Moment Nov. 1, 2022

SSD Proud Moment Nov. 1, 2022
Posted on 11/02/2022

Moments of Joy at Carlton Hills

By Principal Tim Dobbins

There are those moments that make you experience the "everything is right in the world" feeling. I am sure each of you can think of one of those in your own life, and hopefully recently. Here at Carlton Hills during this last week, I was able to relish that exact experience for a few different reasons that I would like to share with you today.

First, as many of you are aware, Carlton Hills is the home to our District's moderate to severe Special Education classes. These five classrooms are a source of pride and complete joy as we all get to experience a truly inclusive environment with our general education students working side by side with our students with special needs. This inclusiveness extends even beyond the classroom, and this was the first week one of our classes got to take a trip into the community! They visited the local 7-11 and were able to purchase treats with money raised in an on-campus community project. An amazing start to many future trips!

The only thing that could even come close to the exultation of seeing our students in the community would be this weekend's Trunk or Treat event on Saturday! Our amazing PTA threw a party for the ages and the crowds turned out en masse to celebrate together. The best thing about the event, other than those smiling faces and most excellent costumes, was the overall feeling that we were back and better than ever! The voice of the community was heard loud and clear in support of the event: Santee coming together as we always do.

So, take the time to look for those moments, even if they don't jump out immediately this week for you. They exist and deserve to be celebrated.