Posted on 03/16/2022

Pride at Carlton Oaks School

By Principal Andrew Johnston

When talking of Carlton Oaks, we can all have such great pride in the students, the staff, and the community. Here are some recent proud moments:

Small Group Instruction
Small group learning is at the heart of great instruction. Recent health guidelines have made it difficult to facilitate small group learning to the extent we are accustomed. Our staff and faculty have worked to find ways to bring students together in small groups for outstanding guided reading sessions, small group math instruction, problem solving and other learning opportunities. Providing opportunities for students to work together safely has meant moving the learning outside whenever possible. We can be proud of the staff and faculty as they have done the extra work to ensure that our students continue to have these best practice learning opportunities.

Running Club
Over the past two years, many students have seen a reduction in the level of enrichment and extracurricular activities available to them. We are very proud that Oaks has continued to offer the Carlton Oaks Running club all year long! Every morning, spear headed by a small group of dedicated teachers, (Julie Venolia, Kristy Costa, Mary Gillespie, and Courtney Bueno) we have opened our gates early and allowed our K-8 students an opportunity to run laps on our back campus. We scan and track their laps using a fitness application and I can tell you that the student body has run an impressive collection of miles this year. We have several students that have run over 100 miles each to date. Fitness and fun to start the day!

Caught Red Handed!
We are very proud of our “Caught Red Handed” program which celebrates great choices, and kind student decisions on campus. Students are awarded a “Caught Red Handed” certificate and it is posted on our bulletin board outside the office. We have given certificates for a wide range of wonderful choices and moments.

Mentorship Program
Finally, our wonderful counselor, Jennifer George has created a mentorship program on campus. The purpose of this program is to increase feelings of school belonging and increase self-efficacy amongst mentors as well as increase a sense of community for both mentors and mentees.

All 7th and 8th grade students are eligible to participate in the program. Mentors meet with their mentor class three times a month. They have the opportunity to lead a variety of activities such as outdoor games, reading books, drawing, assisting students with their homework, and creating encouraging posters to hang around school.

Here is what some mentors had to say about the program:

“Being a mentor makes me feel happy and I also love hanging out with little kids they just make my day so much better.”

“I liked working with the littles because it was just fun to help them pack up and have conversations with them. It helped me knowing that I can help people around the school and that everyone needs different amounts of patience.”

“It makes me feel very excited about mentoring when I actually bond and get to help people younger than I am. I know I struggled a lot when I was younger, I still struggle now, so when I’m able to help them it brings me joy and makes me feel useful. It’s also a good feeling to try to make it seem like I’m also a safe place for them and it’s exciting to hear what they talk about! It interests me to see how younger grades are now.”

Thanks for the opportunity to share some of the great happenings and proud moments at Carlton Oaks School.