ELA/ELD Resources

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Language Arts is an adventure into reading, writing, listening, and speaking using the framework newly adopted by the California Department of Education, which, for the first time in history, combines the English Language Arts Standards and the English Language Development Standards. Our task, as an academic community, is to ensure that all of our students are building the capacities of literate individuals in an inclusive and equitable environment, motivating our learners to grow and remain ever curious as they engage in school, their community, and their life beyond our doors. Carpe diem!

You will find

  • Links to the ELA and ELD standards by grade level
  • Links to the ELA/ELD Framework by grade level
  • Links to resources that will help you integrate the other content areas
  • Links to planning documents, and
  • Links to resources for integrating technology.

If you have any suggestions for resources, please contact CRTs at
[email protected].