Human Resources Forms


Frontline (Aesop)

PeopleSoft Employee Self-Service: ESS Guide -

  • View your paycheck
  • Review and update your personal information (address, phone number, e-mail address, emergency contacts)
  • View absence balance

Employee Handbook: Guidelines, Procedures, & Policies

Volunteer Handbook: Volunteer Handbook - Volunteer Handbook in Spanish

Workers' Compensation

Report of Unsafe Conditions Form

Form 65-103: Request for Personal Necessity Leave
Form 65-106: Certificated Employees Professional Growth Request for Approval
Form 65-203: Classified Employees Professional Growth Request for Approval
Form 65-400: Report of Termination of Employment

Form 65-402: Absence Change Form
Form 65-420: Request for Special Leave
Form 65-451: Employee Beneficiary Designation Form

Form 181:Classified Employee Request for Transfer
Form 182: Classified Employee Application for Transfer
Form 65-110: Certificated Request for Transfer Form
Classified Employee Reclassification Paperwork

Jury Duty Deferral Instructions - Certificated: Jury Duty Deferral Instructions - Certificated

Administrator Forms
Form 65-111
Certificated District Transfer Request Form

Form 65-207

Personnel Requisition - Action Form (all classifications)

Form 65-212

Supervisor's Request for Jury Duty Deferral Form 

Form 65-401

Employee Exit Form

  Classified Change of Work Hours Form

Form 65-115

Certificated Evaluation

Guidelines / Forms Packet

Form 65-115 

Social Counselors /School Social Workers Evaluation

Guidelines / Forms Packet

Form 65-115 

Psychologist Evaluation

Guidelines / Forms Packet

Classified Evaluation Forms -


Comp Time Schedule

Compensatory Time Schedule

Form I-30

Certification of Freedom from Contagious or Infectious Disease
(Retired Certificated ONLY)

Substitute Feedback Forms

- Classified

- Guest Teacher

NCLB - STA, E 4112.24

NCLB Parent Letter - Teachers 

NCLB - CSEA, E 4222

NCLB Attestation Form - Paraprofessionals (classified)

Williams Settlement

Williams Settlement Posting Acknowledgement 
Williams Complaint Form

Workers' Compensation

(Employee Medical Authorization)